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NCS Guam (circa 1957-1958)
Image from   Dick Sorensen

Please scrolldown. Click-on each photo to enlarge.

Dick, Bill (Pep)Sheerin, Ken Bowersock

Ron Pereto, Jules Knight, Don Grams, Harry Daff, Pep Sheerin, Duck

Fitzpatrick, Dick

Duck, Pep, Dick

Pete Duckworth of Calif and Dick


Ron Sedlacek of Pipestone, Dick


Bob Hope Show

Fitz, Hop and Dick

Jerry (Yodar) Rogers

Jerry Carasco in Yokohama 1957

Jerry Carrasco and Rudy Ibara

Jim Ashe and Ron Sedlacek

Ray Sandarr and Pete

Ron Sedlacek

View of Barracks Guam '57

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