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NCS Guam photos from 1957-1959
Photos by   Robert "Red" Adams, donated by William Lockert

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Barracks. O-branchers bottom deck,
M-branchers top deck.

Big City Sign.

CTO3 Daniel McHugh.

CTO3 Gene Henderson outside barracks.

CTO3 Gene Henderson.

CTO3 Joe Mistro. Drinking age is 21.

CTO3 Joseph John Mistro.

CTO3 M. R. (Sonny) Mallet
transferring off the island.

CTO3 Mallet and
CTO3 Lockert.

CTO3 Red Adams
beside his island Chevy.

CTO3 Robert (Red) Adams, outside barracks.

CTO3 Terry Clinesmith and CTO3 Mallet.
TC 1953 Blue Pontaic in background.

Entrance to NCS Beach.

Front:   Rowe, Logan, Henderson, McHugh.

Back:   Roach, Unk, Hayes, Mistro, Unk,
Dick Craig, Hawkins, Unk.

Japanese tank in front of Universal Movie house.

Looking back up the beach road.

Outdoor Movie Theater on New Station.

CTO3 Robert Ray Adams.

CTOCM Robert "Red" Adams
SECGRU Force Master Chief

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