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NSGA Guantanamo Bay, Cuba .. 1966-1967
Images from Randy Tullier (former CTT3)

Please scrolldown. Click-on the photos to enlarge.

Randy Tullier CT3, Rock climbing

Bay Hill barracks and pool

Looking down from Bay Hill
barracks towards the PX
and up to JPJ Hill

Cliff climbing

Jim Storts

Jim Storts, rock climbing

Ken Hardee & Randy Tullier
Rock climbing

Hardee and Tullier
On the Rocks

Randy Tullier - Cliff climbing

Tullier throwing rocks into the Caribbean

Randy Tullier on the rocks

Tullier near the rocks

Storts and Tullier - In a cave

Storts and Tullier - Exploring/Hangin' out

Jim Storts - Explorer

Foreground - US gatehouse
Background - Cuban gatehouse

Outside the Bay Hill barracks,
eating a "fresh" coconut.
Can't remember the person's name

CT's at Windmill Beach

Foreground: Ronnie "Bull" Faubian
Sitting to the right -> Linus Haller
Sitting to the left <- ???

Do you remember Al Gosselin. One of the funniest guys on the
rock, 1966 & 1967. He was from Biddeford, Maine. I found
him several years ago and he sent this picture... he has a
beautiful wife (Diane) and baby (Doug).

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