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Submarine Service various photos
Images from Bill Lockert

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USS Remora SS-487 Hong Kong BCC January 1969

USS Guitarro under command of CDR Scott VanHoften
leaves Pearl Harbor for operations 1980.

CTTCM Lockert, CTT2 Marvin Terawaki at
Honolulu Airport with CTT2 Donald Fujimoto.

Boat Riders Hendrix, Robert A334Z Jordan
and Bill Lockert on Waikiki prior to trip

CTT2 John Shipley, probably USS Barbel SS-580 - 1969

Boat riders - TGU Yokosuka 1968-1972

Front Row: John Oyster, Harry Herchert, Dave Handy
and Dean Ayers;

Back Row: Bill Farmer, Tobin, Bruce Doble, Joe Pruss,
John Thomas, Lt Down and Bill Lockert

USS Pogy SSN-647 Pearl Harbor, with
racing stripe on sail. Pearl 1975

Boatriders - Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

CTT2 Jeff Earle on 637 Class boat on specops

CTT3 Donald Fujimoto on Swordfish SSN-579

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