Google Earth program KML/KMZ files

(1) If you do not have the Google Earth program on your computer,
Download/Setup/Install the Google Earth program that you can find
on the Internet.

(2) If you are not yet a member of the USNCVA Yahoo Group,
please visit the USNCVA YAHOO Groups webpage for instructions.

(3) The various NSG and "Other" KML/KMZ files are available at:

   (a) NSG Sites and "Other" Sites KMZ files. You MUST be a member of the
   USNCVA Yahoo Group to use this LINK successfully.

   (b) NSG Sites. Available from this website - as a KML file.

(4) Note:    The NSG "kmz file" was compiled by Glenn B. Rogers, with inputs by Glenn and many other personnel. The "Other" "kmz file" was compiled by Ed Marciniak.