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NSGA Galeta Island - October 1983
Images from Leonard W. "Willy" Williams, CTRCS USN(RET)

Please scroll-down. There are 4 photos and narrative.

This photo shows the Coco Solo housing area. Quarters "Q" is the large building in the foreground.
"Q" was the barracks/chow hall, it was made liveable during my tour there. The whole project from
empty shell of a building to decent housing and an outstanding chow hall was accomplished largely
by the sailors and civilians attached to NSGA Galeta Island. The last building toward the top of the
picture is quarters "I" where my family and I lived. These solid concrete family houses were 4-plexes
with storage and parking on the first floor. Except for the constant drone of a window air conditioner
they were quite nice and very large. Picture was taken in October 1983.

Aerial shot of site, NSGA Galeta Island, October 1983

Entrance to the site, NSGA Galeta Island. Photo taken October 1983

CTRCS "Willy" Williams does the "aw shucks" shuffle while the CO, CDR Gourley says
something nice about him during his retirement ceremony. Mrs. Williams looks on. The
ceremony was held in the multi-purpose room of the Coco Solo elementary school. Of
course it was held inside, it was the rainy season. Photo taken October 1983.

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