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NSGA Edzell, Scotland - 1979
Image from   Sheila Mitchell, CTRC USN Retired

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Information from Sheila Mitchell:

Edzell, Scotland 1979, 32 Division, Section two:

Back Row left to right: unknown, Ed Mohs, unknown remainder of row

Third row left to right: Ed Suttle, unknown marine, Joe Grenario, unknown marine, Pete Ryherd,
Tom Pierce, unknown, unknown

Second row left to right: William Miller (Three), unknown marine, BJ, unknown, Jerry Renna,
Vito Genovese, unknown, unknown, unknown

First row left to right: Gunner Abroms, unknown marine, unknown, unknown, Beth, Susan, Jill Rose,
Jan Grenario, Sheila Mitchell

Information from Steve Armstrong:

I can add some names or at least partial names.

Top row, first sailor, CTR2 Steve Armstrong (me).

Front row, CWO2 Rudy Abrams (last I knew he was a Major in Rota about 1990), first sailor's name was Mike (from Guam).

Second row, last three sailors: CTR2 Bob Hutcheson, CTI1 Larry Mabry and CTI2 Kevin Barleycorn.

This was NOT just 32 Div but looks like 31 and 33 Divs are represented as well.

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