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Sidi Yahia, French Morocco - circa 1958
Images from Donald M. Hayes (former CT1)

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Gibraltar airport where we disembarked from
troop ship for flight to Port Lyautey
City entrance to Rabat

Ancient wall around Rabat Ancient wall around French Quarter - Rabat

Fatimas by Rabat bus terminal (Had to take
pictures very carefully due to fatimas not
wanting photo taken and evil eye fear).
Rabat - entrance to Jewish Medina

Rabat grocery store Arab village on way to Sidi Yahia

Port Lyautey near Arab Medina Sidi Yahia - truck carrying cork logs

In 120 degree heat, workers often worked
outside. Sewing machines were powered
by foot
Air Force pool at Port Lyautey
Naval Station was huge

Arab Village on road to Sidi Yahia.
Concrete Huts and straw huts were home
to families and their cattle.
It was highly suggested that we not be
guests of this prison by River Sabu

River Sabu on road from Port Lyautey
to Sidi Yahia
First image of Morocco from bus on way to
Sidi Yahia was protesting Fatimas throwing

Guys from Sidi Yahia use to go to hotel in French Quarters to use outdoor pool

Can't remember Crawford's first name -
used bikes from Red Cross -
Arab market area - Port Lyautey.
Tried to get photo of Moroccan guard with
submachine gun without encouraging him
to point it our way.

Men washing at public water area -
Port Lyautey.
Arab shacks on outskirts of Port Lyautey.

We road horses at Sidi Slimane Air Force Base -
in 120 degree temperatures. I must of taken
wrong sand dune and landed back in Adak.

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