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Karamursel, Turkey - circa 1959
Images from Donald M. Hayes (former CT1)

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The infamous goats, stencelled with Det 28 by Capt Childres to
'improve moral', that would escape to Air Force commander's house and
eat his bushes. Navy would have to send guys to try to catch them.

Admin bldg Karamursel Base Chapel

Karamursel barracks Sec 2 watch standers.
Can only remember 2nd row - I'm 2nd from left
and next to me on my left is Alvin Glatt.
Fishermen had just pulled in near our base.

Building in middle was ferry ticket office
in Yalava
Town of Yalava horse wagon fording brook

Galata Bridge where we caught ferry to
Yalava from Istanbul
Farmhouse and Sea of Mamara above base
in hills

Sea of Mamara near base Karamursel Farmhouse in hills above base where
we hiked.

In red uniforms from left Lou Hahn, Robbie
Robinson jumping and me next to ref's right
Our Navy Det 28 Section 2 team (red) playing
Air Force for Championship, April 1959

Pete Ramage, separated shoulder, scored 100 pts
earlier against Air Force Officer's team

Turkish girls on road to Karamursel Mosque in town of Karamursel

Bospurus - Alvin Glatt, me, Harvey Decker Turkish friend, me, Alvin Glatt, Eugene Klein

Playing soccer by Hagia Sophia, Istanbul Outer Walls - Istanbul

Karamursel base from hills Sub nets on Bospurus
above Istanbul toward Black Sea

Galata Bridge and Yalava ferry

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