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USS Bennington CVA-20 Det with
COMCARDIVONE .. circa Nov 1955-Apr 1956
Images from    Richard Carlson (former CTR1)

Please scrolldown for names.

Dick Carlson with the Admiral and shipmates

Jere Harms



The above photograph was taken on the USS BENNINGTON CVA-20 sometime around November 1955 to April
1956. These are the Enlisted men and Chiefs of the Flag, COMCARDIVONE who at that time was Rear Admiral
T. B. Williamson. The OIC of the CT crew was LTJG J. C. Mitchell. The Assistant OIC was LTJG L. W. Calder.
CTC Edward L. De Coito was the Chief in Charge. The leading Petty Officer was C. C. Clements CTR2.
(I donít have a picture of him, the OIC or A/OIC).

Back row: L-R: 1. unknown 2. Smith, John F. CTRSN 3. Schrock, Cecil V. CTRSN 4. Kreiger PFC
5. Bale, Bertrand H. PFC 6. Husson, William R. PFC 7. unknown PFC 8. unknown 9. Morgan, Wallace W. CTR3
10. Carvello RMSN

Second row: L-R: 1. Haun 2. Thomas RM2 3. Gainey RM2 4. Savage, Charles E. CTRSN
5. Doss, James C. CTRSN 6. Wagoner, David P. CTR3 7. Adams, W. H. CTR3 8. Fangman RMSN
9. Case, Wayne RMSN 10. Griffith RM3

Front row: L-R: 1. Cook, David H. CTRSN 2. Simmons, Jimmy W. CTR3 3. McLaughlin, Leonard E. CTRSN
4. Carlson, Richard C. CTR3 5. De Coito, Edward L. CTRC 6. Page 7. Condon BMC 8. unknown 9. unknown
10. Latuilip RM3 11. unknown 12. Pack RM3

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