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USS SARATOGA  CVA-60 .. May/Jun 1964
Images and narrative by Tony Spatafore

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Although I had orders to report to Goodfellow AFB, San Antonio, Texas, I received TAD orders to report
to the USS SARATOGA CVA-60. After reporting onboard and getting my berthing assignment, I reported
to the Operations Department. I was assigned to the SUPPRAD UNIT. After getting organized and having
to check our RTTY signal, there wasnít too much to do. We departed Mayport, Florida for carrier
qualifications off of GITMO. We then cruised up the coast to New York City. Then finally back to Mayport
and Cheltenham. Sea duty wasnít too bad. The mess hall was open twenty four hours a day. All the SOS
you could eat after midnight. Had ham shack onboard so got to operate MM.

Tony Spatafore

Helo away for rescue Resupply

Flight deck Coming in on a 'Wing and a prayer'

Flight deck USS FORRESTAL. I believe as we were
suppose to COD to her

Lining up for launch Approaching catapult

Waiting his turn Setting up for launch

When ready for launch, they would say
"Clear the port catwalk"
After the Helos, Willie Fudds, F4Bís, here
comes the "SPAD" put-puting down the flight
deck. Sure did seem strange.

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