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MSTS Ship - LT James E. Robinson T-AK 274
Images and narrative by Tony Spatafore

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I reported onboard USNAVCOMSTA Cheltenham, MD November 1961. In December I reported to
USNSGA HQTRS 3801 Nebraska Ave, Washington, D. C. for special TAD assignment. A team of
NAVSECGRU personnel were being assigned to the MSTS SHIP, LT JAMES E. ROBINSON T-AK 274
for special duty in the South Atlantic. The team consisted of one officer as OIC, ten CTíS and one
Marine. We were to provide communication support for the mission. Upon arriving in New York and
boarding the ship we found we had Army and Air Force personnel also assigned to the ship for
special operations. We departed New York the first week in January in a snowstorm. We crossed
the equator into summer. Since we had no offical designations we call our team 'NAVCOMMUNITECHO'.
We designed and had a patch made showing a "SPRINGBOK". if anyone has a patch send it to Joe so
he can post it on the web.

Tony Spatafore


Sunset in the South Atlantic Either ships crew or our guys

Tony Spatafore

Army positions Navy positions
Copy fleet broadcast and transmitters

Transmitters Transmitters

Copying fleet broadcast. Had to have broadcast
sent on sub broadcast, 17 Khz, from Cutler,
Maine, as signal would fade on fleet broadcast.

City of Cape Town, our port of call,
as viewed from Table Top Mountain.
Another view of the city.

Street scene in Cape Town.

Soviet freighter in port. Another view of Soviet freighter.

Port scene on Cape Town Harbor.

We departed Cape Town in June. This time we flew from Cape Town to Nairobi, Kenya; to Cyprus;
then to London, England. We flew back to the states on a Quantus flight to New York.

Tony Spatafore

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