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DIRSUP related photos (circa 1970's and 1980's)
Photos courtesy    Harry Stackler
Please scrolldown. Click-on each photo to enlarge.

Riders of the Deep SPECOPS Team USS Parche SSN-683 - 1982

Standing Left to Right:
Bruce Weiss, Jim Browkaw, BJ Galvin, "Evil" Roy White, Rich Tolbert, Rusty Gooch
Front Row Left to Right:
Harry Stackler, Laddie Joe Cmerek, Dave Landacre

Submarine Riders of the Deep 60s, 70s and 80s at the NCVA Portland, Oregon Reunion

Left to Right: Frenchy Bourgeois, Jack Moore, and Harry Stackler

Riders of the Deep Misawa Team

Team leaving from Tokyo via Misawa - here are a few names:
Paul Voigt was the OIC and Joe Munez a recent grad of the academy was his trainee, 7 months out of the Naval Academy.
Cowboy Ketchum is on the left T-bird, all the others were not career.

Riders of the Deep Award Ceremony

Ed Lumsden comments:
Photo taken in Norfolk, Va, CincLantFlt. It was an awards presentation for sub riders. The officers were ComSubLant,
his Chief of Staff, and an U/I Admiral. It was supposed to be for guys who had made a certain number of runs,
but there may be a couple of guys who had only made 2-3 runs.

Harry Stackler comments:
Believe one of them is Steve Landkammer (RIP), Nick Burneff, Zane 'OB' Bedient, Frank Arnold, Roy Compton,
Timmy Snyder, Danny 'Mac' McCarthy (RIP), and Ed 'Lumpy' Lumsden. The one between Roy and Tim
was a T-bird, the one next to OB is an R-Branchers.

TU-95 Bear Aircraft coming from Cuba

USS Parche (SSN-683) underway circa 1979

Harry Stackler and Vietnamese.
The 5 Vietnamese with Harry Stackler was taken in Ca Mau
October 2, 1971.
standing Ving(Chief),Sang(me-2nd Class),
Tang(Warrant), Tuang(PO2),
kneeling Thi(Seaman) and Phung(Seaman).
They were a sharp team.

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