Unique DIRSUP Belt Buckle and Emblem
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DIRSUP Belt Buckle DIRSUP Belt Buckle

I have a little something that was dreamed up one night in Subic at Sunny's Bar on Gordon.
I have been given credit for it, but CTOCS Rick Scifres (USN, RET.) is the guy that drew it.
I just had it transferred to Tee-shirts and belt buckles.

I am trying to get an outfit called "Montana Silversmiths" to make these in bulk
if anybody would be interested.

Update 5/17/01:   The guy from Montana Silversmiths just sent me these two designs he made
up for the Dirsup Emblem. Made out of 22K Gold and pure Silver. I am not repeat not hustling
these things, but somebody might want one. They are a little pricey, but then so is
Gold and Silver.

William Richardson