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COMCARDIVSIX .. 1959 - 1960
Images from CTRCS Richard O. (Dick) Broughton, USN Retired

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There are 6 photos and narrative.

COMCARDIVSIX Med Cruise 59-60. COMCARDIVSIX was ADM Thomas Moore.

The OIC was LCDR Hillary G. Parrish, USNR
POIC was CTR1 Louis Ferroni
Some of the crew CTR3 Dick Broughton, CTI3 Fred Randal (See photo),
CTR3 Roger Dufault (see photo), CTR3 John (Jack) Hipp (in group photo),
CTR1 Louis Albrecht, CTR2 Herbert Wajuhn(spelling incorrect - pronounced Whoa John),
and can't remember any of the others.

Fred Randal was also aboard the ECM121 that was shot down by the North Koreans.

Narrative from:   CTRCS Richard O. (Dick) Broughton, USN Retired

USS Saratoga

Broughton and Randal

Broughton and Dufault

Liberty - Nice, France


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