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Det A, Phu Bai, RVN .. Aug 68 - Aug 69
Images/Narrative from Ed Rose

Please scroll-down. Click-on each photo to enlarge.

Home sweet home ASA Tower Command Bunker View

ED and Steve WET Ed Lahnstein - Steve Moore Entertainment Center Hill 180

Antennae Fields All Marines - I think MAG 36 Mama san

Ed Rose - Chief Boyd Phu Bai Intl Airport Steve Moore on left

The Hill Ballplayer Chief Boyd - AG2 Steve Moore HWY 1 Rush Hour

Conex Row Lake Phu Bai MAG 36 Sign

Navy Day Ball Game Paul Palmiera Phu Bai Picnic AG2 Ed Rose (left)
AG2 Steve Moore (right)

Wet Ed and Wet Ed Catch That Ball Bad Moon Rising Beer And Ball Game

Local Scenery Other View

Steve and more faces The Housing addition Third Base Maybe

UH 1 Huey Waste land Camera hog

Three Clowns

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