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Naval Security Station and NOSIC   September 1983
Images and Narrative from Bob D'Imperio

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Admiral Studeman (then Captain Studeman) in uniform  -  Robert D'Imperio GS132-12,
at the Naval Ocean Surveillance Information Center (NOSIC), Suitland, MD. 1 September 1983.

(L-R): Bob D'Imperio - Frank Bartles - Ed Jaymes - Sue Hall -
Bruce "Toad" Hall.
That is headquarters. Note the two "wine guys". They are
the famous people of the "Bartles & Jaymes wine cooler"
commerials. We took the cardboard ad all over DC to take photos of them at different locations.

Naval Intelligence Support Center (NISC) and NOSIC.
NOSIC is located at the federal complex on Suitland road
near the Balt-Wash Pkwy. I believe it is 4301 Suitland Rd.
Navy Intelligence Command, IRS, Underground National
Archive storage, NISC, NOSIC (More Recently NOIC) and
National Weather Center were (maybe are) located at this

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