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U.S. Naval Facility Nicosia, Cyprus - 1958
Narrative from    Tom Thirkell - former CTC(R)
and, George Hill (former CTR2)

Please scrolldown.

"Navsecgru song" for Nicosia, Cyprus circa 1958. This verse soundly reverberated in the Chez Nous,
Diana Club, and other nefarious places in Cyprus. Sung to the tune of "Oh Island in the Sun", I can
only remember now the first verse. Perhaps someone with better memory than mine can contribute
verses 2 through X. With apologies to Harry B.! --
R/ Tom Thirkell

Gerald J. McCleod and George Hill made up this original and then more verses were added. --
R/ George Hill


Oh, island in the sun,
Willed to me when my tour begun,
All my days I will sing and praise,
Of Keo Brandy and the cabarets.

(verse 1)

I saw Makarios get on the plane,
I saw Grivas in ball and chain,
I went to Kyrenia to swim in the sea,
All of EOKA was after me.

(repeat chorus)

(verse 2)

I was not at Guenyelli that night,
But I heard Greeks cry and scream in fright,
The Turks were many and very bold,
Their axes were sharp and their hearts were cold.

(repeat chorus)

Verse 3 (who can help fill this in?)

Tom Thirkell (Cyprus 1958-1960)

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