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U.S. NAVFAC Nicosia, Cyprus .. 1958
Images and narrative by Tony Spatafore

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Anateur Radio on Cyprus

John Bull, ZC4JB, and family pictures are as follows:

(Not in any certain order of appearance)

Missing from the first picture is Carmen, the oldest daughter.
The youngest Claudine.
John at his Ops position.
On the roof of the house building a 3-element 10 meter cubical quad out of conduit. The first of its kind, I believe.
A group of local British Hams at John's house.

The next series of pictures is of friends at the apartment where several of us lived. The first picture is a
RAF Flight Officer and his family with a friend. He liked being able to mix with us enlisted types,
as he could not do with his enlisted flight crew. British caste system you know.

The others are some of the girls we knew.

The girl with the bike lived across the street from where we lived. I believe she and John Franklin got married.
She played the piano and he played the clarinet. They played duets together across the street.

Cyprus was good duty. Just had to be careful as you never knew when eoka would blow something
up as they were fighting the British and the Turks.

So, after 18 months, it was time to leave and go to Kami Seya, Japan.

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