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US NAVFAC Cyprus .. circa 1970-1971
Images from   James E. White (former CTRSN)

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Looking across the street from the barracks to a house.

Looking down the road to where the Pisa Tower Hotel is.

Looking across the street from the front of the barracks.
Notice the anchor in the lower part of the picture.

Looking back from the barracks toward the ball field.
The section to the left is where the bowling alley is. The
right, I believe, is a storage area of sorts. You can check
out sports equipment and things. Through the open area is
the ball field with the gym to the right. The club and where
we watched movies is in back of the building on the left.
You can't see them from this angle.

Our section when we went up to the point on Cyprus and
camped out on the beach. My room-mate is the guy in the
middle on the front row. I'm not in the picture because I
am taking the picture. Most of the women were wives. I
think one was a girl friend who married late. But I'm not
sure which one. I do know the couple on the left in front
were married and I'm wanting to say the couple in back
were married. Just now sure.

Out in front by the boathouse up in Kyrenia

Looking back at where you park and camp at Six Mile Beach.

One of the officers and his wife walking up the beach.

Pisa Tower Hotel.

A Jaguar Saloon. A couple bought the car and
had it shipped back home. There was a bar in
the back, that's why it's a saloon.

A crowd around the pool. Nothing going on,
just people enjoying the day.

From the barracks looking out onto the pool area.

Here's two cabaret performers sitting outside at the
restaurant at Six Mile Beach on the northern coast.

John Lighter's girlfriend's sister.

One of their friends. I want to say Michelle,
but I'm probably wrong.

John (I wish I could remember his last name) Lighter? and
his 'girlfriend'. And I can't remember her name. She was
the daughter of an officer there. Sixteen, seventeen? We
kidded him about it a lot.

Some of the kids had a car wash to raise money for
something or other. Wish now I had gotten a picture of
this one guy's car; a red Mustang Mach I. Can't recall just
what year it was, but it was sharp! I don't think he was
there at this time of this picture. I do remember the car

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