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This photo, with four guys, was taken on the Valdez in 1963. Joe Warner is far left
and Gene Talbot is next to him. Can't remember the other two.
Update Note from Bill Myerson:

Am about 99% positive the 2nd fellow from the right is my old shipmate and
liberty buddy, Lawrence (Shakey) Chaffin, famous throughout coastal Africa
(well, at least in the bars of coastal Africa). He would have been CTR2 or CTR1
at the time. Haven't confirmed but have heard over the years Shakey is now SK.
Hope that's incorrect.

Update Note from Sam Lane:

I am almost certain that the photo on the right is Robert (Bob) Lambert, CT3.
Thought at first the CT next to him was me but Bill is probably correct.

Click-on the above photo to view a larger version of the same photo

Can you help identify either of the two unknown sailors in the above photo?
Yes, I can help!

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