Corry Field CT School Advanced CTR Class of Feb/Mar 1966
Image from John W. Vincent

Please scrolldown for the names.

Corry Field CT School CTR Class of Feb/Mar 1966 - Instructor: CTC Yandle

George Johnson, Danny Falcomata, John J. Logan, P.M. Rugga, R.W. Ferreira, G.A. Livesay, Smith, Coppola,
John South, Knisley?, Wagoner, Strom, Whitney, Greg Taylor, Shirner?, Monquin

They are not in order. In the top row facing the picture on the far right is Danny Falcomata, Second row down to the
far left, is John J. Logan, next him is me, John W. Vincent.

This is Chief Yandle. This was the graduating class of Mar/Feb 1966. I am on the second row second from the left.
John Logan is to my right. Top row far right is D. Falcomata.