Corry Field (CTR) Advanced Class of January 1967
Image from  Arlyn Trauernicht (former CTR3)

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Corry Field (CTR) Advanced Class of January 1967 - Instructor CTC Unknown

Some of the guys in this picture are:

Donald Scheck, Laughton D. Thomas, John Tremer, Gary E. Holmes, Anthony N. Stanislas, Art Tardy, Bill Duke,
Jerry Carver, Britt R. Puddy, Bob Matthews, Peter Roscoe, Paul R. Hayduska, Mervin D. Wickman, Russel P. Brown,
Jerry Ruhl, Gary Sisy, M.L. Johnson, Jerry Braxton, Bill "Irish" Kirby, Jeffrey R. Fitpimmous, Andy Schemicoa,
Thomas E. Hyde, Larry Miloz.

Some of these spelling of the names might be wrong, can't read their writting on the back of the picture.