Corry Field CT School Class ?-71(T) Mar 1971
Image from Steve Duncan. Narratives from Steve Duncan and Ronald D. Lee

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Corry Field CT School Class ?-71(T) March 1971 - Instructor:  CTTC Dennon W. Mills

Names of some of the personnel in this photo:

Steve Duncan kneeling, second from left in the front row.
Gary Theiss standing, last row, last person on right side.
D. Donald Dickstein in the back row on the far left.
Front Row: 2nd from the right Stribble; 3rd from the right Ronald D. Lee
Middle Row: 2nd from the right Art Gibson.
Middle Row: 3rd from the left CTTC Dennon W. Mills (Instr.)
Another name in the class was Altamari.

From: Steve Duncan

Front row (L-R):
Unknown, Steve Duncan, Unknown, Ronald D. Lee, Tom Strebel, Unknown

Second row (L-R):
Unknown, Robert Altamari, CTTC Mills, Art Gibson, Unknown

Back Row (L-R):
D. Donald Dickstein, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Robert J Erhart, Unknown, Gary O. Theiss

The other names are: Alvin Miller, Mike Prentiss, Mike St.John, John G. Conlon, Tom Stevenson,
Bob Monroe, Steve Cosilman, Christopher J. Ward III, Will B. Elly, CTTC R.O. Edwards Jr.

From: Ron Lee

Back Row (L-R):
Donald Dickstein, John Conlon, Bob Monroe, Dave Ellison, ..........

From: Donald Dickstein