Corry Field CT School Basic Class 11A-61(R) - July 1961
Image from   Curtis W. Thurman LCDR USN (Ret)

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Corry Field CT School Basic Class 11A-61(R) July 1961 - Instructor:  CTC Sandifer

Back row, left to right: Troy Blakeney from East Texas and still lives there; Don't recall; Craig Lish or Lisz from
Iowa (he was also in boot camp with Huck and me and he and I drove to Pensacola together after boot camp);
Don't remember; the guy with glasses may be Shultz and the guy on his left is John Wild (I think); cannot recall
the last one in that back row.

Middle row, left to right: Cpl Jim Dike or Dyke; Phil Croteau from Keene, NH; Don't recall next two; then
Quigley (I think); and on the end is Jim Huck from Coral Gables (I think), FL. As I mentioned earlier, Jim
and I were in boot camp together at the Lakes from Jan-Mar 61.

Front row, left to right: Smith, (Smitty) from New York, upstate I think; John (I think) Repsher (Rep) from either
Allentown or Bethlehem, PA; Sandifer; Me; Tobin (I think).