Corry Field CT School Advanced Class 01B-61(R) - June 1961
Image from   Dave Miller CTRCS USN (Ret)

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Corry Field CT School Adv. Class 01b-61(R) June 1961 - Instructor:  CT1 Presti

This photo is of the Very FIRST R Branch class to graduate from Pensacola in June of 1961.

The First 'O' Branch class graduated in April 1961 since their school was only 16 weeks long and ours was 24 weeks.

Back Row (L-R):   W.J. Kistler - W. Dahl - D. Cunningham - W. Frazier - D.J. Swissler
Middle Row (L-R):   J.W. Maire - T. Secoy - R. I, Jennings - W.L. McRae
Front Row (L-R):   Sgt. Harwell - D. Miller - Frank Presti (Instructor) - D.G. Batcho - unknown