Corry Field Advanced Class ?-70(R) Apr 1970
Image from J. Paul Freniere
Names from Don Price

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Corry Field Adv. Class ?-70(R) Apr 1970 - Instructor: CTR1 Geloneck

Back Row L to R: Ellis (Imperial Beach), Hyland (Homestead), McMillian (Skaggs), Joyce (Homestead),
Stollenwerk (Kelly), Joe Smith (Guam), CTR1 Geloneck, McDonald (Taiwan), Paul Freniere (Bremerhaven),
Schaffer, McInterny (Hawaii), Breustedt (Hawaii)

Front Row L to R: Pat Patsy (Marietta), Don Price (Edzell), Korynta (Homestead), Schoolcraft,
Browning (Hawaii), Mangino (NW Va), Hammel (Kelly), Boyd (Kelly), Hammond (Hawaii), Black (Phillipines),
Amelotte (Iceland).