Corry Station (CTO C-School) Class 87010 of Oct-Nov 1986
Telecommunications Operations Specialist (TOPS)
Image from  CTRC Jerry Miller USNR-R
Names from Jerry Miller and Margie Carter Gilligan

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Corry Station (CTO C-School) Class 87010 of 1986

(L-R): Unknown, CTO1 Carol Williams, CTOC Tom Millieeren, Unknown, CTO1 Margie Garrison Carter,
Sgt Leonard Webster, CTO1 Bob Weber (Instr), CTOC Cleo Fluitt (Instr), CTO1 Sharon Butler (Instr),
CTOC Rich Carter, Sgt Hersey, CTOC "Dutch", Unknown, CTO1 Jerry Young, Unknown

//Jerry Miller

TOPS (Telecommunication Operations Specialist) Class 87010 fm Oct-Nov 1986, NTTC Corry Station, Pensacola, Fl.

Names left to right, 1st - don't remember; CTO1 Carol Williams; CTOC Tom Milleren; unknown,
CTO1 Margie Carter (then); USMC don't remember; CTO1 Bob Weber - Instructor; CTOC Fluitt - Instructor;
CTO1 Sharon Butler - Instructor; CTO1 Rich Carter; USMC - don't remember; CTOC "Dutch" Deutchen(sp);
Unknown; CTO1 Jerry Miller; unknown.

//Margie Carter Gilligan