Corry Field (CTA) Class ?-70(A) during 1970
Image from  Ernie Griffin, CTAC(SW) USN Ret.

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Corry Field (CTA) Class ?-70(A) during 1970 - Instructor CTC Hisle

My "Best Guess" at some of the names from this photo - no certain order:

Eric J. Fege - Germany; James Grit Campbell - San Juan; Kevin Brown, Washington; John C. Natory - Hawaii;
Michael E. Easton - Hawaii; Colbert D. Clardy - Morocco; Andrew G. Whago - Japan; Kenneth R. Hisle (Instr);
Thod D. Brewer - Skaggs Island; Richard D, Proffett - Philippines; Gerry L. Pruitt - Guam