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NSGDept Cheltenham, MD (circa 1965)
Image from   Stu Morrison

The CPO initiation "ceremony" at Cheltenham in 1965.

Some of the points:

The person on the left garbed in nurse's outfit is an RMC (elect) wave. Behind her,
against the wall, is CTRC (elect) Morton waiting his turn in the trough. At the trough,
2nd from the left is CTMC (elect) Ron Richter. Directly behind Richter, with a big grin,
is CTRC Dick Herkenhoff. I don't believe there were any other CT's being initiated that day
- most in attendance were RM's.

The wave next to Herkenhoff is an RMC who worked at Building One.

Few people know that Building One was another highly secure building at Cheltenham,
completely fenced in, that handled the Presidential communications. During my
1st tour there (1958-60), anytime President Eisenhower needed to speak with one
of his commanders around the world, the voice connection was made at Building One.

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