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NSGA Sakata, Japan 1961/62
Images from Bob McDaniel

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NSGA Sakata, Japan - Summer/Fall 1962 (shortly before dis-establishment)

Officers, Chiefs, Enlisted and Civilian employees of Admin, Public Works, Supply, Medical, Food Service
and Security Force (ie: Logistics Group).

Front Row (left to right): Keiko Tasaki (Supply Clerk), Toshiko Yamaguchi (PW Secretary), Unknown, Kemiko (?),
Toshiko Nakagawa (OIC Secretary), Ens Charles Press, Lt Tony Michaels, Lt Robert Horan (OIC), LTjg Al Moses,
Unknown, Unknown CB, Chief Red, CTA1 Cecil Draper, SK1 Bob McDaniel, Chief Spenser, SK2 Robert Forcier.

Top Row (far right): Chief Gately (Senior CPO Public Works)

CT1 Red Morgan and Louise Malloy
enjoying a cool one at All Hands Club
CT2 Horney and HM2 Doc Freeman
partaking of food and beverage

Clearing snow with ambulance.
Driver affectionately known as Dirty Dan the Utility Man

"Charlie Brown" -
The friendly bartender All Hands Club
CS2 John Paul Brewer
Reflecting on life
Mr. Matsuda
Civilian Supply Worker NSGA Sakata

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