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Nicosia, Cyprus 1963-1964
Images from Robert Casale

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Mike Tappan, Bob Robertson, Dave Balf, Charlie Kuntz Tom Kirk, Bob Robertson, Dave Gallagher

American Club Game with Canadian Peace Keeping Force. Bottom row 2nd front left Chief Anderson, on far right Bob
Casale. Behind Casale is Chief Glenn Jacobs. To his right is
Marc Dirisio. Dave Balf is standing up in rear to the left
Dave Balf at bat at the American Club
(Game with Canadian Peace Keeping Force)

Kyrenia Beach:   Chief Lloyd Clayton, Charlie Section Watch
Supervisor, cooking his pig.
Kyrenia Beach: (L-R):    Tom Flanagan, Dwayne Klaus,
Bofus Horvath, Dennis Nelms, Jim Warren

Cleopatra Hotel, Happy Hour
Commander Keith Adkisson, Commanding Officer
Sitting, back to us, with face visible Chief Frank Johnston
Bill Bolley, garden, inside old walled city Nicosia

Flag football team at American Club
Front Row ???, Pittman, Bob Mitchell, Bob Casale, Wilson
Smallwood, Jim Gennaro, Joe Bruno
Second Row McCusker, ???, ???, Flanagan, Duckworth,
???, Womble, Sgt, Johnson
American Club, Basketball game
Keith Adkisson with ball, guarded by Jim Gennaro, #41
Background, Bob Casale guarding ???

Dave Balf pitching for Bravo Section Harry James at bat playing the chiefs team with Chief Glenn
Jacobs at Third and probably Chief Nelson was pitching.

Bob Casale rounding 3rd after home run.
Coach Bob Earl in the coach box.
Vic Pittman offering congrats
and at third, Will Geraghty, Delta Section Demons
Bob Casale pitching with Charlie Womble at 2nd base

Pictures of Nicosia from atop the Cleo Hotel

Bob with fractured ankle Jim Warren and Bob Casale and a bottle of Heineken

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