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Bainbridge Island, WA (Jul-Oct 1948)
Images from   Roland C. (Monk) Delmotte (former CTRC)

Our school barracks with
CPO club in basement
Aug 1948

CTC Bob Schrom's unnumbered class of July to October 1948 at Bainbridge Island.

Some of the personnel in the class:

Maynard Somers, ?? Klingensmith, James "guts" Daley, Charlie Frank,
"Big Stan" Rivett, James (later Father) Kelly, Roland C. "Monk" Delmotte,
James C Kennedy, Henry Bolden, James Hoey, Charles Kennedy, William Crocker,
Harold(?) Martinez, Robert Curry, "Whitie" Whitaker, ???? Cooke, Billie T Greene,
?????Bachmann(?), Art Demage, Charlie ORourke, ???? Coogle

Stan Rivett and James Kelly

Bob Schrom, Kelly, Bolden, Adams

BT Greene, Cooke, JR Daley, Whitaker, Charlie Frank

Maynard Somers (rear) and Monk Delmotte

Charles Kennedy (rear), Bill Crocker (Schroms hat), Robert Schrom CTC, Cooke, Whitaker, Billie Greene, James Kennedy, Monk Delmotte, JR Daley, Jim Hoey

Martinez and Unk Chief

James R. Daley

Whitaker, Greene, Frank

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