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Todendorf, Germany - 2003
Images from Doug Bettencourt

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Pictures of Todendorf, Germany taken in 2003 by the Bettencourt Family.
Doug was with us 1958-1960. We called him The Wino.

R/ Bill Lockert

From the Oase looking west, you can see the curve in the road where the Main Gate
was located. Also where Chief Warner ran into the ditch in early winter 1960. Bettencourt 2003.

The Oase Bar, Restaurant and Hotel. Bettencourt 2003.

Metropol Bar and Restaurant.
The Third Bar on the Strip 1958 on the curve headed to Giekau. Bettencourt 2003.

Looking East from the Metropol, you can see the curve turning into the base,
and you can see the old Army Garage where Jake Randall (1960) used to hang out.
Bettencourt 2003.

Looking East, Metropol on the right, you can see part of the base.
The road is still made from bricks. Taken 1970's.

Looking east, Metropol Bar on the Right, The old Army garage is visible.
Picture taken October 2003. Bettencourt 2003.

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