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NSGA Bremerhaven,
Alpha Section and Splinter certificate - 1971-1972
Images from   Ed Sarrach

Front Row (L-R): CTT2 Boyce Mabry Lt. Carlton Brown CTTC Tom Lee CTT1 Dandreano Chris Ward Frank West
2nd Row (L-R): Bill Mowry Roscoe Lindsey Mike Poer Dennis Reffner Gary Burgess Rich Scott Mike Smolik
3rd Row (L-R): Ray Noble Ron Cramer Phil Hudson George "Capt. Grotz" Crozier Robert Shomper Jim "Fuzzy" Reid Roy Michalak
4th Row (L-R): John Petersen John Bavol Ken Boudreaux Bill McCoy Dave Moore Dale "Trigger" Rogers "Mitch" John Baugus Jim Baker Wayne Brunet

Splinter Award with piece of wooden antenna mast attached -
presented for those there at Site closing.