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Sabana Seca, Puerto Rico .. 1999
Image from Barry Hester, CTOCS USN (Retired)

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This is overhead of Front Gate of NSGA Sabana Seca.
Bottom Middle is a Texaco Gas Station. Across the street to the
right of the Gas Station is the Mi Pan Bakery. They make great
"Cubano" sandwiches.

This photo is of Sabana Seca South Tract. The buildings in the
foreground, left are the Supply Warehouse, Selp Help Store and
Supply Offices. In the top middle near the Atlantic Ocean is
Puntas Salinas Air Force Radar Station.
This is Sabana Seca South Tract looking over Officer/CPO
housing. In the middle of the pic is the Microwave tower. The
building next to it is now the Package Store/Beer Mart and
Fitness Center

This is a picture of Sabana Seca South Tract, the road on the left
of the picture and toward the bottom is where the bus shooting in
1979 occurred.
This is shot of the ballfields (Sharks Stadium) and the BEQ
areas. In the very middle of the photo is the John Ball Gymnasium
Complex and swimming pool. ITT, Post Office and Chicken Jose
Fast Food Restaurant are also located there. Above the second
ballfield on the right is the Chapel.

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