Bainbridge, MD YN (CTA) A-School Class 2-60 - Sept 1959
Image/Names from Joe Morrison, CTACS, USN Retired

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Bainbridge, MD YN (CTA) A-School Class 2-60 - Sept 1959

Joe Morrison -second row from top, third from RIGHT (from Manteca, CA). CTSA Tom Stelrick - top row, 2nd
from LEFT (from Buffalo, NY). CTSA Jim Angelo - top row, 3rd from LEFT (from Weymouth, Mass).
CTSA Larry Williams, 2nd row from top, 1st on LEFT (from Lodi, CA). Bottom row - 1st WAVE from RIGHT,
CTSA Janice ? (from Indiana). Bottom row, 3rd WAVE from RIGHT, CTSA JoAnn M. Hoover, from Pottstown, PA.
Both Tom Stelrick and WAVE Janis ? were transferred to HQ after school and worked in G61.
WAVE CTSA JoAnn M. Hoover worked in G12. Don't remember where the other CT's went.
I am pretty sure that the the guy in the top row, 4th from LEFT was also a CTA, but don't remember for sure.
To the best of my knowledge, the remaing personnel in the photo were all YN's, no PN's.

Joe Morrison