Bainbridge, MD Class R-2-65   August 13, 1965
Image/narrative from  Mike Chamberlin (former CTR3)
more names from Lee Falvey

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Bainbridge, MD Class R-2-65 August 13, 1965 - Instructor CTC Niedzelski

This is the class photo for Bainbridge Class R-2-65. Chief Niedzelski is center front; far left bottom row
is Dean Claxton; Top row right is me, Mike Chamberlin. Ted Hanasano is next to the chief. Len Dorfman is on my
immediate right. Date was 8/13/1965. From Bainbridge I went to Bremerhaven for 3 months then to The Azores and
was there until March of 1967. Funny some of the guys I remember names others who were with me in The Azores
I just can't remember their names.

Mike Chamberlin

Third row (L-R): Lee Falvey, (Big Mac) McIntyre, ? Porter, Len Dorfman, Mike Chamberlain.
Second row (L-R): Bob Burbidge, Jim Perente, Unknown, Unknown,
Bill Alfieri (dropped from class/passed away 1992), Mike Shaw
First row (L-R): Dean Claxton, ? cole, Cheif Niedzelske, Ted Hanasano, unknown

Lee Falvey