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Bainbridge Island, Washington 1952-1953
Images and narrative from Tony Spatafore

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Anthohy J. Spatafore
October 1952 - July 1953

I arrived at COMMUNICATIONS TECHNICIANS SCHOOL Port Blakley, Bainbridge Island,
after leave and cross country flight. Other than learning how to type, school wasn't much
of a problem. Liberty was great other than having to ride the ferry to Seattle.

Memories include: Ivars Clam Bar, roller skating in Renton, Washington, having to make
a mad dash back to Seattle to catch the last ferry back to the island, and dancing with the
girls from Queen Anns Hill at the YMCA.


Two of us young sailors wrote to Hollywood for an autographed picture
of the actress Doris Day. Much to our surprise we each received one.

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