Midway Island .. 1972/73 and 2000
Images from Jerry Baber

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Sunrise over Eastern Island - March 1973 Jerry took this next to the station library It was a real sight to see a C5A
land on Midway! - March 1973
Air Ops bingo at the 1972, 4th of July
at Hartley Field

Fairy tern and chick
out on the edge of a limb.
Summer of 1973. This was the weather
office picnic at Harley Field.
The guy on the right is Mike Hamm.
He won 2 Midway 500 bike races.
Sunrise Rusty Bucket - May 2000

Plumerias at the
Midway House - May 2000
Rusty Bucket
May 2000
Redtailed Tropic bird
May 2000

Gooney walkway crossing
- May 2000
Sand Island from boat
(North) - May 2000
Sand Island from Eastern
Island - May 2000

Monk seal sleeping on Eastern
May 2000
Fairy terns are the aerobatical
birds of Midway - May 2000
This is old Harley field. Place where
we had picnics, sports and alot of fun!
May 2000

This is a water depth map of Midway This is an official forecast from the
weather office in December 1973.