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Midway Island 1954, 1972 - 1974
Images from Jerry Baber

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Mess Hall - May 1972 NOAA ship visits Midway - May 1972 Station Library - 1973

Military Pilots- Vietnam era This should get a few laughs! NWSED weather office

The Gooneyville Lodge - Aug 1954

Sand Island 1972 Midway from space Midway from space

Eastern Island - early 1970's NWSED office personnel at Christmas
1973. OIC was Lt Robert Plante.
Jerry Baber is 4th from left in front row.
The NWSED Weather office patch

Aerial view of Midway 1954 The NWSED Weather office 1973

Albino Albatross chick - 1973. Aerial view of Eastern Island

This is a shot of 3 different albatrosses.
The big one on the left is a Short-tailed
(Golden gooney), in the middle is a black
footed albatross, and the one on the right
is the most popular one the Lysan
albatross. This was photographed in
Nov 1972.
This is the weather satellite ESSA 8
image of the pacific on 12/11/72

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