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San Miguel, Philippines - 1967-1968
Images from Aron Cook (former CTA2)

Aron Cook - sitting on beach

Sitting at nipa hut waiting for sunset

Canoe on beach

Canoe on way to Capone Islands

Capone Islands

Capone Islands

On Capone Island - bldg with rain water collection system

Guys on beach

Native fisherman repair nets

NavComSta - barracks

Inside barracks

Typical locker in Philippines

Main street - San Frando, Philippines

Market square - San Frando, Philippines

Hut in Philippines close to base


NavComStaPhil - main bldg from beach

NavComStaPhil - main bldg

NavComStaPhil - pool

NavComStaPhil - San Miguel, PI Feb 68

On beach looking south

Philippines - view of islands from base beach

San Miguel - outside base on beach with locals

San Miguel from beach looking inwards

Best monsoon sunset



Multi-colored sunset during monsoon season

View of watch tower from beach

Watchtower on beach

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