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NSGA Anchorage, Alaska.. 1969-1972
Images from    Rod Stewart CTAC USN Ret

Please scrolldown and click-on each photo to enlarge.

These are a snowshoe softball game against the maintenance shop of the
6981st Security Squadron, our hosts. The temperature was around 25 degrees
but fortunately no wind. The snow on the field was around 12-14 inches
deep and powdery except for the spots occupied by the players.

A good time was had by all, including those who only watched.

Left photo - CTA2 Bill Jackson after being tagged out.

Right photo - LCDR Chuck James (CO) putting AF Maj out at 1st.

Left photo - SK1 Carl Holcomb tagged out at 1st.

Right photo - CTAC Wayne Pellien diving into 2nd for successful steal.

Left photo - Pre-game group. L-R: 2 AF, Bill Jackson (light pants), unknown group,
CTM1 Roger Ellis (w/dixie cup), CTRC Roy Dunn, background unknown,
Wayne Pellien (standing), Carl Holcomb (bending over), PNC Larry Miotke,
unknown AF (holding snowshoe).

Right photo - CTM2 Jim Phay contemplating 2nd.

CPO compliment (all identified) following initiation for Larry Miotke.

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