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NSGA Anchorage, Alaska .. 1981 - 1984
Images from Paul E. Cater

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This is my re enlistment in December of 1981.
This took place in the first floor CO's office. The CO at the
time was LCDR Roger Cook, a mustang from the fleet.

This photo was taken at NSGA Anchorage in the CO's office,
on the first floor then. The CO is David A. Bishop, with me.
I believe this was when I made first class. The time frame would
be around 1983 or 84.

The large main communications antenna was opposite the
Elmendorf golf course and passed on the way to work
by anyone entering the side gate.

This is Portage Glacier, a short trip south of the site. This day in 1984 the winds were only about 50 knots. Present day the glacier has receded to the point it would not be visible from the angle in this picture.

This picture is the Alaska railroad run that went through
Elmendorf, Air Force base. I came close to being late
for watch due to it's runs on more than one occasion.

This Picture is circa 1982 of SN Ron Chism doing his Navy duty
in the 6981st ESC barracks that we shared with the Air Force.

Thankfully, it was the Air Force Host that was responsible for
chasing moose from the antenna field. The snow covered peak
in the background is the "Sleeping Princess". Circa 1983.

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