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NCS Adak - receive site (circa 1968)
Images from   John Sleeper (former ETN2)

Please scrolldown. Click-on the photos to enlarge.

This was our Adak "BOMB". The battery was dead so we
had to park on a hill so we could get it rolling to start it.

RM1 (phonetic spelling attempt = Abon-don-do-lo) "Abby".
The best radioman I have ever met but the worst rifle shot

Abby and I both got one of these certificates when we went
out on our hunting expedition. We got one Caribou each.

This is one of my buddies, Dennis St Pierre, sitting
in the tundra.

At the Chief's house.
L to R: My car partner, Barnes, me and the chief's wife
peeking over my shoulder.

The receiver site crew. Unfortunately I don't remember most
of their names. Upper left is CPO Barnes (was a SEAL in
Nam), I am center with the guy's hand on my forehead and
between the chief and I is my partner in owning the "BOMB".

Everyone referred to this as the Adak National Forest. We
liked taking pictures there as we were taller than the trees.

This was at Horseshoe bay and was one of my favorite
hiking and fishing spots. I almost got caught out on the
rocks once when I didn't notice the tide coming in.

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