KL7ZD ... Adak, Alaska

KL7ZD ... Adak, Alaska
Image from Vernon Seitz - W9HLY .. circa 1949/50

Background info on this Station from Vernon Seitz

My duty stations, after CT school, were Adak and Skaggs Island. While on Adak, KL7ZD, Gary Stein
and I, Vernon Seitz, assembled a station using parts from the Navy inventory. It was my understanding
that the HRO-7 was issued as part of recreation assets. Several phone patches for other personal were
made over time for non-hams. None of the equipment was personal in nature. We were given
permission to partition a section of the carpenter shop quonset hut making it into a ham shack.
This dates from about the fall of 1949 to July of 1950. That is the only time I can vouch for.
What become of it after I left (Gary Stein left before I did) I have no idea.