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NCS Adak, Alaska (circa 1955)
Images from   Bob Johnson (former CT3)

Please scrolldown. Click-on the photos to enlarge.

Our championship basketball team the TUNDRA TROTTERS along with copies of the game stats.

New guys who just got on the island Canít remember names though.

Setting up of the tents.

Supper time.

Harley Hall and Bob Johnson.

Jack Stuller and Bob Johnson.

The diploma for the camp out.

Bob Hagadorn by Clam Lagoon.

Bob Johnson by Lake Andrews.

Bob Johnson and Bob Hagadorn by a car.

Bob Hagadorn and Bob Pugh resting in the tundra

Bob Hagadorn, ?, and Bob Pugh.

Gene OíNeil in a WWII sentry box.

Bob Johnson on a stroll around the mountain.

Gene OíNeil resting in the tundra.

Mickey Dugan in Lake Andrews.

Bob Johnson by Clam Lagoon.

Bob Johnson in a parka.

Adak National Forest in 1955.

The Totem Pole.

Mt. Adagdak (March 1955).

A canyon up on Adagdak.

The Barracks.

Mt. Moffet.

Bob Johnson on a little hill.

Bob Hagadorn and a dog.

On a sunny day, they took a lot of snaps.

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