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NCS Adak, Alaska (1964-1965)
Images from   Tom Brandt (former CTR3)

Tom Brandt in barracks

Steve Nyburg

Two buddies Perez and Timer at the barracks

Two buddies mountain climbing George Martyak and Schliecher

Tom Brandt on the right and the guy one the left (unknown)
Does any one remember this whale on the beach?


Road to base


Does anyone remember Louie's puppies?

Tom Brandt on Adagdak

Lake Andrew and Bearing Sea

Clam Lagoon

Mt. Moffet

Tom Brandt at barracks

Steve Nyburg (old building at Zito Point)

Captain's Cabin (a good party house)

Sea wall

Old Army building--I think.

Another view of Clam Lagoon

Candlestick Bridge---not too safe!

Old base at Lake Andrew

On top of Mt. Adagdak

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