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Adak, Alaska - 1957 - 1958
Images from Don Hayes (former CT1)

Please scroll down the page - there are 21 photos
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Alaskan Island chain on way to Adak Volcano smoking - Aleutian chain on way to Adak

NCS Gym and Mt. Moffet Bering Sea and surf with Adak Mountains

WWII quonset huts and tundra Road between Clam Lagoon and NavSta

I'm pretty sure this is Rachael. I took care of her
friend her boyfriend Louie while I was there.
WWII battery overlooking bay - Naval Station

Mail plane landing - Pilots flew with no electronic
aids - swear we could see their heads hanging out
the window to see better

Storm moving in toward Clam Lagoon

Artic survival - Pup Tent Artic survival - campfire

Artic Survival Exercise - survival gear

This was definitely the Yankees lowest
minor league output

Don Hayes Jack Sobocinski

Adak Housing Adak Forest

Sunset over Mt. Sitka

Coast Guard Loran Station

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