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Adak, Alaska .. 1994
Images from Mike Whitelaw (former CTT1)

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Believe this is back end of Finger Bay Candlestick Bridge

Chapel Coming down from Bering Building

Drive-In Finger Bay

Kuluk bay looking from forest Kuluk Bay

Looking at NAVFAC from forest Looking towards runways from high school

Main road with MickyD's NAVSTA BOQ

Old Roberts Housing where we used to live Outhouse

Pet Cemetery R&R Hut

Road to Candlestick Bridge with Zeto Point in background Road to NSGA

Runways looking from the High School

SandBarn hanger SandBarn plaque

Shotgun Site

Siss Zulu plaque Totem pole with Mt. Moffet in background

View from Bering Hill

Wizard operations building Wizard operations building


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